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Have you looked at my imagery and wondered what the designs are about- where they come from and what they mean? Curious about crop circles, sacred geometry, chaos and fractals and how those fit into my art? Or what they might mean to you? Wondered how I made the designs so perfectly? Have a desire to doodle in the sand with one of my rakes and play with design potentials?

Great- then you'll love my workshops!

Depending on the workshop theme, we will go into the following areas:
  • crop circles- why are they so compelling
  • the origins of geometry and its impact on spirituality and humanity, the effects of which are felt throughout our culture
  • fractals- the language of nature, the algorithms of reality
  • chaos- is the universe truly chaotic?
  • the development of my art through these various lenses and how they inform the latest designs
  • demonstrations of my process, from the geometrical designs to the organic ones
  • then we'll play with the rakes and do some practical group exercises
  • finally I'll present the design options for that day and together work on possible variations- have a hand in designing the image we will later create
  • for the finale- we'll create an artwork together!
I'm glad you'll be joining us, its a magical experience to see the process unfold- even more magical to be inside the design creating it!

What to bring: water, snacks, sun hat, walking shoes, and clothing layers appropriate for local weather.
Note: Physical condition notice- moderate physical capacity needed for raking as well as getting to the from the beach location.

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