Thursday, May 14, 2015

International Peace Belt

photo by S. Smith Patrick
I had the honor to be selected as an artist with the International Peace Belt Project. This is a hand made chain link belt adorned with precious stones and coins from all over the world that is worn by an artist while they create and artwork. It has been worn by dancers, painters, musicians, and on this day I wore it (as a bandoleer) while raking a prayer mandala on the beach near San Francisco.

The belt is a part of the organization Artists for World Peace, which is a humanitarian group that brings needed services to communities around the world. The belt, charged with the energy of whichever artist it has been with then goes with the team to the areas where the humanitarian programs are being done. Its an amazing organization with a beautiful spirit and goal.

The day I did my artwork was filmed and will be combined with documentation of the other artists involved.
photo by S. Smith Patrick

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lovingly crafted mini doc

Here is repost of a mini-doc on me made last year by KQED, a public station in the San Francisco area. They did such a great job :-) It apparently got 17 nominations for awards. There must have been some really stellar work that beat this one!

This mini documentary is perhaps my favorite of all the ones done. There is a spaciousness in the story telling that allows the viewing of the video to feel relaxing and meditative. It shows many aspects of what I am doing and the experience of doing it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Kickstarter Funding Successful!

We did it! With your help (even if you didn't know it!) we raised 55K. This means the exhibition prints, the book, and the film will all be funded! Woop woop! I will update as new developments arise.

Monday, March 2, 2015


I did this piece late in 2014 in a pocket of beach that I love working in. I consider it among my best pieces. The inspiration was Japanese-styled water/smoke lines. For scale you can see the people walking along the water's edge towards the right (made visible by the long shadows they are casting).

Saturday, February 21, 2015

'Between Worlds' Documentary and Book Kickstarter Campaign

If you've been following me for the past few months you'll have heard about this project I've been working on with fine art waterscape photographer Jason Henthorne. It's been an interesting journey, testing my ability to adapt to the moment and innovate in my artistic capacity. Check out the video- it's cool!

The 4 month project has been captured by Emmy award-winning film-maker Brad Kremer. What started out with the intention of a short film has turned into a feature length documentation of the story behind the photos. It's a look at everything it took to make the images, which were the original goal of the project. The film goes on location to beautiful rugged northern California beaches to watch the process unfold and gives a feel for the lives of the artists.

With the primary work trips finished, what remains is secondary filming and then post-production. For this final effort we have created a Kickstarter campaign, whose goal is to complete the film as well as a coffee table book.

If you're intrigued by the project, we'd love your support! Here are 3 ways we could use it (any one of these will be so appreciated!!):
Visualize us easily reaching our goal and the art extending its magic into many more hearts!
Share the link with friends and family who you think would also appreciate what we've been up to
Pledge to the Campaign (and receive cool gifts!)

Thank you for checking out our project! And thank you for your ongoing support!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

'Substructures' - Public Demonstration Artwork

It's been a while since I last did a public art-making in San Francisco and wow- what a great day to do it. A huge crowd gathered to watch the process on a gorgeous, sunny afternoon. My buddy Jonathan Clark made a film of aerial footage that is really well done!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Prayer Artwork- Group Art-making

The Prayer Artwork is the more intentional and reverential side of my group large-scale art-making.
It is a walking prayer, an opportunity to simultaneously focus and release our thoughts, feelings, and desires as we create an artwork together.

Check the 'Upcoming Events' listing on the upper right side of my site to see the scheduled events.


I've been wanting to create an offering that allowed others to create with me in an intentional, ceremonial way. One day I did an artwork, dedicating it to a friend whose son was ill. The next day I did another, this time I put it out on my Facebook page, inviting those interested to send their prayers for me to place in the artwork. There was a huge response, from people calling things into their lives to prayers for those experiencing turmoil. The whole thing felt good- the invitation to participate, the act of doing the artwork, sharing the final image. The experience inspired me to open it up for others to join me. Thus was born the Prayer Artwork.

This gathering is a prayer in motion as we create a mandala together. We start with body and heart opening activities followed by space for releasing our prayers. Next I'll give a bit of instruction with technique and guidance in what we'll be doing and then we silently create an artwork together. I'll also be inviting anyone who wants to send in their prayers for us to infuse into the gathering.

I hope you can join us, its a magical experience to intentionally create- even more magical to be inside the design creating it!

Note: Physical condition notice- moderate physical capacity needed for raking as well as getting to the from the beach location.

Questions? Use the 'Contact' tab above. Thanks! :-)

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